In order to rejoice as long as possible in your jewellery, you will find herewith some tips.


Adjust your jewellery according to your daily routine. During the suntan, swimming, shower, sauna and sport activity, as well as during the sleep, homework and gardening you should wear the jewellery as little as possible. Impacts can cause deep buckles and scratches, that may can not be repaired. Chlorine and saltwater can damage the surface as well as the stones of your jewellery. Extraordinary attention must be paid with pearl necklaces and bracelets. Sunlight can dull the colour of plastic elements, leather and so on. Adhesives and varnish can yellow or get recalcitrant through direct sunlight. That’s why the jewellery should preferably be saved light-protected. Silver can easily tarnish (e.g. through humidity or alteration of the PH-value of the skin) Please put on your jewellery only after your styling. In doing so you will protect your jewellery against chemical actions, cosmetic products, perfumes, hair sprays, soaps, lotions and so on. They namely can damage your jewellery, decrease the durability of their coating, cause discoloration and reduce the shine of stones and pearls.


Shiny jewellery should preferably be cleaned from dirt particle with a smooth, lint-free cloth. Attention should be paid with mat jewellery, because the matting can cease over time. Intensive impurities can be cleaned furthermore with warm water. Never plunge rhinestones, pearls as well as leather and rubber bracelets into water. Jewellery should basically never be immersed into cleaning or silver bath and should on no account get in touch with chemicals, aggressive detergents and solvent.


To avoid dust and damages, you should keep the jewellery in an appropriate jewellery box with lot of divisions. The jewellery box should contain a plug and socket device for rings. Silver and jewellery tend to oxidate over time building a gray up to black coating. The same happens also to silvered and gold-plated jewellery. You should therefore keep your jewellery not in humid places – such as bathrooms – as this condition can accelerate the oxidation. We will you obviously advise you with pleasure in one of our specialised Pompidou Shop.


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